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Beat as One

We believe Japan’s craft was born out of conversation
between its lush nature and people --
specifically those who’ve kept the skills and spirit alive. test

Nature gives to humans as humans give to nature.

Not only has one supported the other,
or intertwined on occasion; they’ve walked hand in hand,
sharing each breath they take.

Rather than coexisting, they’ve learned to beat as one.

This is the way we see
Japan’s craftsmanship, craft, culture,
and the people involved.

Their lasting heartbeat then turns into lasting stories,
and so a culture lives on.

What we do


We gather cultures and skills from artisans all over Japan, uniquely matching them with contrasting cultures and industries. Expect projects that offer a refreshing perspective.

Content Creation

With the skills we’ve acquired from previously conducted interviews, we offer various types of content creation ranging from photography, video, to promotional campaigns.


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Thank you for visiting JAPAN MADE. My name is Ryo Kawano, Editor-in-Chief of JAPAN MADE. JAPAN MADE was launched in August of 2016, initially as a project under a parent company.

Countless extraordinary crafts and cultures exist in Japan -- too many to witness in the span of a lifetime. Yet with the rapidly growing economy, mass production and mass consumption have become a norm; the ways we live and consume have adapted accordingly. Products seem to constantly be piling on top of the rich history and magic of Japanese craft, overshadowing them as a result.

One of our aims is to unearth these treasures: handing them over to the next generation, making sure they aren’t being left behind. But what drives us even more is our curiosity; the urge to share what there is to know about the cultures that truly move us.

For hidden gems to receive the praise they deserve -- for their culture and spirit to live on. That’s what we dream of, and we’re learning day by day on how to better achieve it. Being born in Japan may also be why we feel indebted to pass these treasures on.

It would be our greatest pleasure for JAPAN MADE to develop into a platform where people can engage with Japan’s wonderful crafts and culture -- an outlet to inspire deep fascination with the culture bred in this country, making you proud of what this place has to offer.

We yearn for a future where artisans receive the praise they deserve, a future where their fruits enrich the lives of those who own them -- we hope we can play a role in achieving this. For cultures to leave a mark, and to live on.

河野 涼

Visual Identity

We believe Japan’s craft is a by-product of its lush nature and their people; specifically those who have acquired the skills and spirit to keep the culture alive. It was a conversation between the two -- and the two coming together as one -- that breathed life into the craft.

We decided to express the interactions and connections found within nature via motifs such as water, plants, stones, fire and living creatures. We used a perfect circle, a shape almost non-existent in nature, to spotlight the delicacy, accuracy, and the soul of Japan’s craftsmanship.

“Nature gives to humans as humans give to nature. The two stand alone, yet beat as one”

This state is what we strived to achieve with our symbols. With our logo, we attempted to illustrate the writing produced by a calligraphy brush: we incorporated both strong and soft strokes while also adjusting the dips and curves in each letter. The design is meant to evoke the richness of Japan’s craftsmanship, as well as a lightness to carry itself onto the future.

Designed by Shinki Kawano